Greetings, and welcome to Phat Majik Entertainment!

PME is a Class A recording and mixing Pro Tools based control suite with a massive drum room, a spacious vocal room and a versatile film studio, all located near Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia.

Phat Majik utilises traditional analog and modern digital technologies, the best quality microphones and acoustic environments, as well as a relaxed and professional atmosphere, to bring you the best possible results. We can help with songwriting, arranging, live-to-video performance, session musicians, film clip production, or anything else you could ever need in the field of audio and music video production.

Many studios boast expensive gear and that’s great, but while good equipment is extremely important, we emphasise that the people operating that equipment are even more so! Our team has brought you songs from Monty Python, the Screaming Jets, Diana Anaid, Skunkhour, The Jam, Paul Young, Cold Chisel, The Angels, Cog, Gang Gajang, James Blundell, Kate Cerberano and many many more…

Phat Majik Studios are affordable, we have great accommodation, and we produce the best results in the business. So contact us for a quote and book some studio time today!