The Story of Phat Majik Entertainment

In 2004, musician/songwriter/producer Hamish Gordon packed up his recording studio, Arcadia Sound, sold his house and left Sydney with a dream in his head. He wanted to find the perfect place to set up a recording studio, a natural setting where people could come and stay to work on their music without distractions, without traffic, without pollution and chaos. It would also be a place where a band could record their live performances straight onto film without the audio suffering. Gordon, thinking ahead, predicted the value of live-to-video footage in the social media network.

Back in 2006, Gordon had been looking for someone to mix his own work and came across veteran producer Steve James, a man who needs no introduction, having seen the Screaming Jets and Skunkhour to their soaring heights in the 90’s and 2000’s and who’d “just happened to move in down the road”. Gordon and James worked so well together on Gordon’s material it was inevitable when the glittering edifice was on its feet that James man the controls and Gordon fill the management and songwriting roles.

All that was left was to find a name for the new enterprise. Steve James remembers: “We were just pondering about the name needing to be two punchy words when someone happened to press play on the desk and one of Hamish’s chunky funk-rock riffs blared out, all mixed and balanced and sounding rather mighty. There were two strangers in the studio and they both began reacting at once. One said: “That’s Phat!” The other said: “That’s Magic!” And so of course no further ruminations were necessary. Phat Majik we became.”

And it seems they haven’t looked back. Gordon now says proudly: “Tim Young, who is an engineer at Metropolis Mastering, one of the premier mastering companies in the world, a guy who sees literally hundreds of mixed tracks coming in from studios all over the place, said to us: ‘More mixes like the ones you’ve been sending me lately please, guys! More like that! They’re a joy to master.’ No doubt we could put more glowing accolades up here than that. But for a mastering engineer like Tim to say that to us… It’s actually one of the best thumbs-up a studio can get!”

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