Client Testimonials

Awesome result! Really satisfied.


Having recorded at most of the best recording studios in Australia over the last 20 odd years, I recently had the great pleasure of working at Phat Majik. The location is amazing with stunning views and excellent facilities. A great place to be creative! Steve and Hamish are a brilliant team to work with, in a friendly but professional environment with all the experience and expertise you could ask for. Phat Majik features amazing rooms, beautiful guitar amps (and bass amps) and a superb collection of classic mics and pre-amps. All the best outboard gear and a ProTools HD system mean you can track and/or mix to the highest standards.

SKUNKHOUR and Modern Life

What a wonderful experience. So creative and so much fun. What a great vibe. We’d recommend it to anyone


I felt like Phat Majik Studios was my own home when I was there! I wish I could live there forever! But best of all….. That sound!


Great recording environment in the middle of the bush with amazing views to get the creative juices flowing. Good access and quality gear and facilities with the best engineer in all the land…


As a professional voiceover talent, I am most particular about the quality of recording environment I choose to work in. When it comes to high standards and a pleasurable working atmosphere, Phat Majik Entertainment provides me with the ultimate studio experience. Their state-of-the-art recording facilities come serviced with an industry professionalism that is designed to get you top results. Hamish Gordon and Steve James create a funky and fun vibe to any working day and are THE dudes who are best poised to bring out your best.

GRANT BARRINGTON, International Voiceover Artist

Working with Hamish and Steve out at Phat Majik Studios is always an absolute joy and something I look forward to doing more of. It’s a very relaxed and creative environment to record and mix in. You feel on top of the world out there with views all the way to the Byron Bay lighthouse, but more importantly those guys have the ears, the knowledge and the gear to pull a world class sound. There is a buzz happening at Acacia that you can feel when ever you enter the mixing room. Steve is a seasoned professional who has worked around the world at the highest level with some big names and heavy hitters and whether your project is acoustic roots, high end pop, techno or rock n roll these guys have the creativity and the know how to take your project to the highest level.


I’ve recorded in many amazing studios over the years and Phat Majik studios has everything an artist needs to make them feel right at home to create their masterpiece, from amazing gear, great sounding rooms, world class producers and engineers (not bad blokes either) plus accommodation all situated in beautiful surroundings behind Mullumbimby.


I have tracked drums and recorded live film clips at Phat Majik Studios many times. It is a top of the line studio with highly professional and friendly engineers and producers. It is very spacious and the drums always sound great in the large room. Overall a great inspiring creative space. I look forward to my next session there.


“An absolute pleasure to be able to work in such a comfortable and creative environment! No stone is left unturned here – from the hospitality and willingness to help of Hamish – to the absurd bloody brilliance of Steve! Do yourself a favour and do it properly the first time! Cheers in Rock!”

Boris Billing – BRIMSTONE